What is VQ’s new Outlook Plug-in?

We’re introducing an extensive functionality upgrade to the Outlook Plug-in with VQ Conference Manager 3.12/4.2 (plug-in versions 120 and above). Upgrades include:

  • Meet me – inject a user’s Space details into the Outlook Meeting invite
    • Users can select the Space they want to use for the ‘meet me’ call and can inject details for the Space into the Outlook calendar entry.
    • If the Space has multiple Roles, the Role can be selected.
    • The Space details are static; the PIN/passcode are those of the underlying Space
    • ‘Meet Me’ is a better name for the functionality than ‘Call’. The configuration options use the ‘Call’ naming convention.
  • Scheduled Meetings – meeting instances available for specific periods of time
    • Scheduled meetings exist for specific periods of time. They are created on CMS by VQ for the date and time defined by the Outlook Meeting.
    • Scheduled meetings can exist on existing Spaces or new Spaces created to host a meeting. VQ manages the lifecycle of new Spaces created to host meetings, which are deleted once the meeting has taken place.
    • Option of one-time PIN/passcode for scheduled meetings or using the PIN/passcode of the underlying Space.
    • Recurring Meeting sequences hosted on Spaces dynamically created to host the meeting will be locked between meeting instances. They will only be usable at the times of the meeting instances.
    • Meetings (and Recurring Meetings) hosted on an existing, known, Space take precedence over the ‘self-service’ use of a Space. For example, if Space 42 has a meeting scheduled at 3pm but a non-scheduled call is overrunning, any participants in the non-scheduled call will have their meeting terminated at 3pm, and the scheduled meeting will start. At the end of the scheduled meeting, the Space will return to normal use and availability.
    • The user can select from the available set of Space Templates available at the User’s UX (User Experience) Level. If a Space Template has multiple Roles, the user can select the Role details to be injected into the meeting. If a Space Template only has a single Role, no Role options will be displayed, and the default Role used.
    • Please note that the available set of Space Templates is determined at plug-in load. The plug-in requires reloading if additional Space Templates are added or made available to the UX Profile.
    • Configuration of setup and tear down times is on the user’s Tenant. Any new meeting scheduled via the plug-in will inherit these default values from the user’s Tenant.
      • VQCM 3.12 currently rejects requests for meetings scheduled to start in the very near future (less than the setup time window). This behaviour is planned to be fixed at 4.3 where the setup window will automatically be reduced to the available time and the call will start at the requested time.
      • Plug-in versions 120+ are not compatible with VQ versions earlier than 3.12/4.2.
  • Highly configurable
    • Enable/Disable ‘Meet me’ (Call) functionality.
    • Enable/Disable Space selection.
    • Enable/Disable Scheduled Meetings or One-Time scheduling.
    • Re-label ‘Meet me’ (Call) and Scheduled Meeting menu items.
    • Provide your own icons for ‘Meet me’ (Call) and Scheduled Meetings.
  • Works with VQ One-Button-To-Push (OBTP)
    • Associate Microsoft Exchange Room System Resources with Endpoints in VQ.
  • Works with Outlook Scheduling Assistant and Room Finder
    • Users can use Room Finder to see when a meeting room is available.

The enhanced functionality is available from VQCM 3.12/4.2 and Outlook plug-in version 3.1.120.  The previous 3.1.34 version of the plug-in can still be used with VQCM 3.12/4.2.

The Outlook plug-in requires the Self-Service Application Pack option to have been licensed.

Watch our Outlook Plugin demo with VQ’s Technical Pre-sales Consultant Barry Pascolutti.

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