DMA: Device Management and Automation

VQ Conference Manager DMA provides a modern way to manage Cisco collaboration devices across your enterprise.

It’s the Cisco-recommended on-premises replacement for TelePresence Management Suite (TMS).

Cisco TMS replacement – and more

As well as replacing the key capabilities of TMS, DMA adds further functionality to streamline operation of your Cisco equipment.

Straightforward procurement and supported migration paths

VQ Conference Manager DMA can be procured via your Cisco Partner. VQ Communications offers established transition paths, planning, and support, including phased migration options.

A closer look at VQ Conference Manager DMA…

Set up your collaboration devices

Roll out large numbers of conferencing endpoints and keep them in an operational state.

DMA’s settings modules streamline device setup and template management. Quickly create and share groups of settings across templates, and apply them to multiple devices. As well as accelerating device rollout, settings modules reduce risk of human error.

Automate device configuration tasks such as (scheduled) deployment of templates to devices.

DMA also enables you to set up hierarchical address books, label devices for simpler identification, and import phone books from Cisco TMS and other tools during setup.

Make one-off configuration changes across multiple devices

DMA’s settings modules support faster and lower-risk configuration-changes across device templates.

To change a setting in multiple templates, simply alter it in the relevant module and it updates wherever that module is used. No more manually updating numerous templates.

One Button To Push (OBTP) integration

When users book meetings using VQ Conference Manager and include a room with a Cisco collaboration device, DMA OBTP integration puts a ‘Join’ button on the device at the time of the meeting.

Keep your Cisco collaboration devices running correctly

Maintain large numbers of Cisco collaboration devices, keeping them healthy and secure, or tune and troubleshoot specific equipment.

Run healthchecks, manage and update firmware, control admin access to your endpoints, and automate certificate management.

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