Service Configuration

Configure your Cisco Meeting Servers and conferencing to deliver the right services and meeting types for your teams, including in highly secure environments.

VQ Conference Manager automates key setup and maintenance tasks, provides tools to customize and lock down your unified communications service, and integrates with other enterprise systems.

Templating ensures the right call experience – every time

Different scenarios require different call types. All-hands meetings, where the board presents to the company, should behave very differently from team huddles, for example.


Create tiered services using meeting Space templates, so that every call works precisely the way you need it to, every time.

Fine-tune your meetings

Do you require a waiting lobby? Will the call continue if the chair leaves, and how long for? Do you want ‘join’ and ‘leave’ tones to be played?


Configure all of this and more for each Space template.

Deliver single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA)

VQ Conference Manager is the only management platform for Cisco Meeting Server that supports two-factor authentication. Integrate with SAML 2.0 systems to provide enhanced security via Okta, Duo and OneLogin single sign-on.

Keep your meetings secure

Protect sensitive meetings, using VQ Conference Manager’s security controls. These include passcode-protection, limited-duration meeting Spaces, waiting lobbies, and the ability to disable recording.

Ringfence different parts of your organization

VQ Conference Manager includes granular permissions settings. Restrict people’s access to specific Space templates, user interface profiles, call bridges/MCUs, other users, and calls.


These controls enable you to keep different parts of your organization securely ringfenced.

Integrate with other enterprise systems

VQ Conference Manager integrates seamlessly with your Cisco Meeting Servers. Device Management and Automation enables you to manage Cisco collaboration devices and implement One Button To Push (OBTP). And our Metro end-user app integrates with Microsoft Exchange, and gives people access to Cisco-based conferencing via Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

In addition, the VQ Conference Manager API enables you to integrate with other enterprise applications. Examples include a growing number of large customers with their own Room Scheduling solution who have replaced their integration with TMS with integration with VQ.

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