About VQ Communications

Our goal today is the same as when we were founded in 2006: create the world’s best video conferencing management platform and enable our customers to get the most competitive advantage possible from their video conferencing.

Proud heritage: Exciting future

VQ Communications software has been at the heart of enterprise video conferencing for more than 15 years. The original VQ Conference Manager made its name underpinning the leading platforms of the day, including the Codian MCU and Polycom RMX.

In 2013, we were at the heart of a revolution in this space: the launch of what’s now the Cisco Meeting Server. We’ve worked closely with the CMS product teams since then to unleash the full potential of this game-changing conferencing platform and its ability to deliver massive host workloads in a reliable and robust manner.

With the addition of DMA (Device Management and Automation) to VQ Conference Manager in 2023, we’ve extended our reach from just the CMS nodes to all of the Cisco video devices in the customer’s network.

We’ve also introduced our new Metro client that gets us in front of users which, when combined with our CMS management and DMA’s control of all the Cisco video devices, gives customers end to end control of their video service.

Our decision to include Elasticsearch and the amazing Kibana analytics visualization tooling gets us great reviews from customers. More than one has said it’s the best tooling on the market.

Value moves up the stack; we continue to innovate and deliver the solutions our customers are asking for. We continue to attract amazing customers and our solution continues to deliver equally amazing work-loads.

Our customers: Globally recognized brands

Our software is now used all around the world. Customers include well-known names in financial services, energy, defense, legal, health, education and government.

Our people: One team, one vision

We have an amazing team of software architects, designers, engineers, testers, support, conferencing specialists, sales and marketing, all working towards our shared goal.

Together, we know what it takes to deliver successful enterprise conferencing services. This is why we’re always pushing the boundaries of what technology can do, delivering ever-better results for our customers.

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