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Engineering Takeover – Introducing VQ Conference Manager Metro

In this webinar, we introduced VQ Conference Manager Metro – our brand new cross-platform, all in one end user app and integrations.

We presented Metro Desktop/Web and our related WebRTC SDK through a series of live demos and technical discussions.

We showed our new Outlook Add-in, Metro for Outlook alongside our Metro for Teams, showing early prototypes and spoke about our plans for Microsoft 365.

Metro 1.0 is a Beta product and is available for testing and evaluation. If you’d like access to Metro 1.0 contact


Phil Jones –  VP of Web Architecture
Jon English – Product Management
Emma Sutton – Software Engineer
Adrian Petrov – Software Engineer

Full Webinar Recording


Webinar Timestamps
01:04 What is Metro?
03:21 What is being shown in the webinar today?
04:47 WebRTC SDK
07:01 Metro Web & Desktop
10:58 Metro for Teams
15:15 Metro for Outlook
19:15 M365 Events
24:55 Reactive Calls concept
27:58 Metro OBTP
33:32 Release timeline
41:56 Q&A

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