VQ is now a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

This is a big day for VQ and I’m really pleased and excited to announce that VQ Conference Manager can now be purchased through Cisco. Thank you to everybody at Cisco who made it possible and championed VQ. Thank you to our partners and customers for their risk taking and votes of confidence over the years leading up to this result.

This isn’t all about VQ; the real message is CMS plus VQ and enabling enterprise wide audio and video conferencing. For example, over the last couple of days I’ve seen data from 4 large CMS/VQ systems with in-call participant counts of 8000+, 7000+, 3000+ and 1000+ for large periods of the day; that’s over 20,000 people in call on just 4 of the 150+ VQ systems in the field. The numbers clearly show how CMS based systems deliver services on a completely different scale from previous bridge generations. The CMS platform is underpinning organizations, delivering the promise of the digital workplace and enabling a degree of business as usual in these difficult times.

Secure, VQ Conference Manager is mostly installed as an on-premises solution although we also have a number of service provider customers and are starting to see secure cloud offerings being evaluated. Customers are located globally and include a wide range of categories including enterprise, health, government and defence.

Our roadmap looks great and should start to see the next round of changes from mid-May targeted at enabling customers transitioning to CMS as their Codians go end-of-life.

We look forward to working with you.

Take care,


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