US DOD Approved Product List announcement – June 2022

When we started out on the VQ journey, we had some ideas on what we’d do, why it would be useful and from that, why it’d be a good thing to do.

We never imagined we’d have some of the customers we have today. It’s truly remarkable who uses our software.

So, in a journey that’s consisted of a sequence of remarkable events, I’d like to let you know of the next one…..

VQ Conference Manager 4.0 has been added to the US DOD Information Network Approved Products List (“APL”).

From the vendor list, you can now select VQ Communications. How brilliant is that?

This represents a huge amount of work that’s taken place over the last 18+ months by the VQ team and the DOD test teams. We’ve had amazing support from Cisco and their guidance helped us negotiate the process successfully.

With the APL grant made, we’re going to tidy up a handful of bugs and release VQCM 4.0 shortly. From a functionality point of view, VQCM 4.0 has the same functionality as VQCM 3.9.2. Our focus has been to get APL and it’s taken a lot of effort over a long period. The DMA functionality that’s about to appear in VQCM 3.10 is not in the first version of VQCM 4 but, rest assured, it’s coming and we’ll be working with the DOD test teams in terms of following the correct APL process.

Thanks again for being such great customers and take care.


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