Outlook Add-in

The Outlook Add-in enables your employees to manage their calls and meeting Spaces using the tools they already use to plan their days.

Outlook Plug-in

Our Outlook Plugin allows you to put Cisco Meeting Server conferencing at the heart of your workplace productivity.


VQ Conference Manager’s Analytics platform has been designed to make it faster and more intuitive for administrators to monitor usage and troubleshoot proactively.

Reactive Calls

On specific occasions, you may find that you need to get multiple individuals on the line together quickly, such as responding to an incident. VQ Conference Manager’s Reactive call capability enables this.


This video demonstrates the Lobby functionality that exists within VQ Conference Manager and Cisco Meeting Server.

Pane Placement

Pane Placement enables you to define video layouts, specify which participant’s video appears in each pane and reserve panes for participants who haven’t yet joined the call.

Activity View

This video demonstrates some of the call management and operator functions which you can find within VQ Conference Manager.