VQ Conference Manager 3.11 Release

We’re pleased to announce that VQ Conference 3.11 is now available to download.

The 3.11 release is another big step forwards; we’re now 2 releases into DMA and with this release we’re adding Device Configuration.

TMS users will love the fact we’ve kept some the principals from TMS; we’ve added what we think are some great features – componentizing the configuration files into modules and labels being two to call out. And a great UI.

Several other big things to look out for:

We’ve added a Snap-shot images option to the Activity page.  In this first version, we’re limiting it to a single participant per meeting; the plan is that we’ll extend this out in a future release to offer a strip of Snap-shot images per meeting.

Recurring Meetings can now be hosted on Temporary Meetings and, drum roll……., we now support PIN/Passcodes per meeting in a Recurring Meeting sequence.  

3.11 looks great and we think you’ll love it. VQCM 4.0 customers can expect to see 4.1 appear in the very near future featuring the new 3.11 functionality. Behind the scenes, the third phase of DMA and some other great things are making their way to completeness which you can expect to see in 3.12 and 4.2.

Interested in finding out more? All of the new features added in 3.11 are discussed in this blog.