VQ Conference Manager 3.10 Release

We’ve just released VQ Conference Manager 3.10 which contains the first version of DMA or Device Management and Automation.  This first release of DMA delivers TMS style hierarchical address books and Directory Services for Cisco RoomOS and CE devices.

The next version of DMA will add device configuration and templates which, in turn, will be followed by a version containing the automation functionality (for example, certificate checks and renewals).

One of the questions we’re asked is whether DMA is a separate product? No, DMA is a major new component within Conference Manager and will be included in upgrades and installs. Please note that DMA functionality is licensed separately on a per device, per month basis.

We’re also asked about migration and co-existence with Cisco TMS. We expect DMA and TMS to co-exist for some time; customers will migrate functionality over from TMS to DMA as it becomes available in DMA and customers become comfortable with DMA. We are keen to avoid “big bang” transitions and all the associated risks.

On the subject of transitions, we’ll be providing tooling to make it as easy as possible to migrate data from TMS to DMA.

Wrapping up, we’re really excited about DMA. We’re now at the point of release and the market response to DMA has been amazing.

DMA at 3.10 is the start; It looks like it’ll be an interesting journey and we look forward to taking it with you.

Thanks for making the time to read this blog.