VQ Conference Manager 3.6 Released

I’m really excited to announce that VQ Conference Manager 3.6.1 is now available for download.

VQCM 3.6.1 is a big and exciting release.

So, what’s the excitement? Here’s the headliner list:

  • Recurring Meetings can now be scheduled. It’s nice to welcome this functionality back (it’s actually a complete re-write) from the old days of VQ on Codian
  • Lobby and call-lock
  • Elastic and Kibana updated to the latest 7.10 version (VQCM 3.5 was running Elastic 6.8 so there’s a big leap)
  • Elastic Index Management has been updated to use Elastic’s Index Lifecycle Management (“ILM”). We’ve switched from using lots of small indices to fewer, much bigger indices. The impact is significant improvements in Kibana performance, reduced load times and lower storage requirements

We’re also introducing the concept of ‘early adopter’ functionality and something we’ve talked about for what feels like years. Well, finally it’s here and I’m delighted to announce that VQCM 3.6.1 includes “CMS and Expressway data ingress” – syslog data from CMS and syslog, CDR and metric data can be collected from Expressway E and C devices. The configuration process is via config files at VQCM 3.6 and we plan adding a CM-Admin page for it at VQCM 3.7. More details in the release notes.

A lot has changed in this release. So please read the release notes carefully. If in doubt, please contact support@vqcomms.com.

Webinar: VQ Conference Manager 3.6 Launch