VQ Conference Manager 3.3

We’ve released 3.3 today and it’s now available for download from vqcomms.com.

3.3’s significant in that it demonstrates the value of some of the decisions we made on the 3.x platform. The adoption of a standards based authentication process based on a best of breed Identity Server which was, in turn, enabled by our decision to move to a Kubernetes architecture based on containers meant that the reality of getting ADFS to work was far less daunting than it might otherwise have been. It turned out to be surprisingly easy; we had to make a very small code change.

Adding a Jabber Add-in is the same; we were able to repackage a lot of what we have for the Outlook Add-in. So…..if you have ideas on adding conference control to other applications or services that support a browser based UI, please drop me a mail.

The UI changes might appear small but they’re the pre-cursor to what happens next….lots of work under the hood and we’ll now slowly start introducing new functionality and coolness. The big one planned for 3.4 is participant move and following that, pane placement.

Other cool stuff that you don’t really see are things like use of Ansible (https://www.ansible.com/) which is significantly helping and makes some of the complicated stuff that’s required for High Availability in future releases possible. Anybody who’s interested in Ansible, please also drop me a mail.

So, 3.3, another really good step forwards. Enjoy.