2018: A remarkable year for VQ

As we start a new year, I thought it was time to reflect on what a remarkable year 2018 was here at VQ.

Product wise, AM 2.x has matured into a rock-solid platform, doing valiant service at a wide range of locations and hosting some monster workloads. We released VQCM 3 mid-year and it’s now hosting production services; we’re really pleased with how well the product has been received, the breadth of new customers looking to adopt it and how well the product is working in the field. Coming up next is VQCM 3.1 which introduces Single Sign-On (Windows and SAML 2.0) as well as a whole raft of refinements and really useful new functionality (in particular, new Generators for Call Ids and URIs. This includes “Random” URIs and Call-Ids).

We work really hard on trying to make the product as robust as possible; we’ve had some great feedback from customers who “lost” VQ in the Acano/Cisco acquisition and “found” us during the year – they are still running the first generation AM 1.x product and want to move to the latest product generation. What they loved is the fact it just keeps running. The other “legacy” twist is that we’ve spent a lot of time during the year designing how the Activity page will evolve moving forward; the work is being driven by customer demand and the problem that legacy Codians (Cisco 4500, MSE, 5300 etc.) are heading towards retirement by 2020. Customers are looking to move their “white glove” Codian workload onto CMS and want (for those that used it) as much of the legacy VQ “Calls in Progress” functionality that is possible to migrate onto the CMS platform. For readers who face a similar problem and didn’t use earlier VQ versions,  think of Codian Director without the limitations (specifically, how many operators could use it at the same time) and running in  browser. It feels like coming around full circle.

I get real pleasure from meeting the people who either use, or are considering using, our software and working with them to understand the challenges faced and how we might help solve them. We get a definite sense of being on the leading (and sometimes, bleeding) edge of what is possible when delivering video/UC solutions and services. It is a great privilege to be able to work with such a range of open-minded, forward looking people from around the world.

You might have seen in our marketing material that we have one system doing over a million calls a month (approximately 1.1 most months) or 50,000 calls per day. During 2018 we learned that another system is doing over 1.3 million calls/month or approx. 70k calls/day (we knew it was a big system – 20 CMS nodes – we just didn’t have the call volume).  The two systems together are delivering approximately 1 billion call minutes per year. One of the goals behind VQ was to get people out of planes and help the planet; it is therefore very rewarding to see the installed base and call volumes grow and feel like we’re helping make the world a better place.

From a product development point of view, all the effort that went into the 3.x platform feels like its starting to yield results; we’ve got some funky stuff in development that wouldn’t have been possible on the earlier platform – we look forward to introducing you to some great new features and functionality as 2019 unfolds.

We’re very excited looking into 2019, we’ve got some great things planned and look forward to working with you during the year.

Have a great 2019!

Mike Horsley