2015; another busy and successful year

We had another amazing year! I know it doesn’t look like we’ve been up to much as we’ve been so hunkered down ‘doing’ that the web-site has been seriously neglected (again).

Here’s a summary of some of the things that have been going on:

  • Acano Manager 1.x has been ‘holding the fort’ as we worked on Acano Manager 2.0.
  • Acano Manager 2.0; we’re still pre-release but now at RC4. AM 2.0 has been a massive undertaking and has completely consumed us. It does, however, look really good and will provide a fantastic platform; not only does it look good, we’ve invested heavily in automated test tools and processes which is now yielding great results. We’ll post more details along with more content on AM 2.0 (VQ 7.0 platform).
  • VQ Conference Manager 6.5; a steady stream of refinements, performance increases and TLC. 6.5 is a trusted work-horse being used by some pretty big players. Going into 2016, we’re working on some fairly major changes that’ll push scalability and performance. We’ll post more as things firm up.

Finally, a big thank you to our customers and partners.