Introducing 2.1 Analytics…

I’ve been giving demonstrations of analytics for a while now and I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you.

Analytics in Acano Manager 2.1 was a long time coming; reporting and analytics were dropped from our 2.0 release because we were late and needed to avoid being even later.

Our objective with the Acano Manager 2.x platform was to address some of the issues we’d learned in earlier versions of Acano Manager and VQ Conference Manager.

Analytics uses some of the same techniques used elsewhere in Acano Manager 2; users are given the flexibility to select the data they want to report on, what processing should be applied to the data and then how it is to be presented (both in tabular and graph form).

It’s been really encouraging to see how well Analytics has been received. One particular report generates particular interest; it’s shows how well calls are performing and shows the calls that have alerts associated with them such as packet loss, jitter or round trip time.

One of the things that has surprised us during the years we’ve been doing this is how many people delivering video conferencing services don’t know how their service is performing. It’s less ‘data driven’ and more ‘hope driven’.

VQ Conference Manager provided previous generations of our customers with reporting tools which helped our customers avoid ‘flying blind’; we’re now really pleased that we’ve added a more flexible and extensive version, Analytics, into Acano Manager 2.

Acano Manager 2.1 is now available for all of our users, please log into the members area of and download your 90 day free trial. Email to get your 2.1 license needed for the download.



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