Web portal

The VQ Conference Manager web portal gives users Webex-style access to your conferencing service.

Using the portal, users can:

  • Schedule one-off and recurring calls (optionally with their own PIN/passcode)
  • Share meeting information, such as joining links
  • Join calls
  • Control in-flight conferences
  • Manage their meeting Spaces

 Scheduling one-off and recurring calls
Users can schedule calls using the VQ Conference Manager web portal. This can either be in one of their static, always-available meeting Spaces, or in a one-off Space with its own PIN, which will exist only at the specified call time, for added security.

For more on the different ways to schedule calls using VQ Conference Manager, please see ‘Scheduling one-off and recurring calls’.

 Share meeting information

The web portal enables any conferencing user to share joining details for:

  • Their static, always-available meeting Space(s)
  • Any future one-off calls they’ve scheduled

Join calls

From the web portal, users can join calls or meeting Spaces in a few clicks, including:

  • Their static, always-available Space(s)
  • Any one-off calls they’ve scheduled

Your administrators can configure the web portal to determine which joining options users are offered. This could include Cisco Meeting Server web app, Microsoft Teams, Skype or telephone.

Control in-flight conferences
When a call is in progress in a user’s Space, that user can:
• See who is on the call
• Mute or unmute participants’ audio
• Change video layout
• Set participant importance
• Remove participants
• End the call

Your administrators can control which of the above options are available to users, via VQ Conference Manager’s user interface profiles.

Self-service Space management
From the VQ Conference Manager web portal, conferencing users can:
• Update existing Space settings
• Create new Spaces
• Remove Spaces
• Change PINs/passcodes

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