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NancyFx and CoreCLR

About three years ago when we were thinking about our long term product roadmap, we recognized that we were using a growing number of open source components, they worked really well and our customers really liked what they enabled (KnockoutJS – subsequently replaced by AngularJS – being the most visible example). We therefore started to recruit people […]

2015; another busy and successful year

We had another amazing year! I know it doesn’t look like we’ve been up to much as we’ve been so hunkered down ‘doing’ that the web-site has been seriously neglected (again). Here’s a summary of some of the things that have been going on: Acano Manager 1.x has been ‘holding the fort’ as we worked […]

News catch-up…..

We haven’t posted any news items for a while and our news section looks distinctly skinny. We had an amazing 2013: We restructured the team which resulted in people leaving; although this was painful at the time, we’re now seeing massive benefits. We moved office; we’re now in much larger, spacier offices with loads of […]