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VQ Advisory. December 15, 2021: CVE-2021-44228 status update

Following the recent critical CVE issue with Log4j (https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-44228) a second, lower severity CVE was made public December 14, 2021 (https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-45046). This second CVE is not mitigated by the previously provided mitigation script, however it is important to note that this is a separate issue to the one initially disclosed and has a much lower severity […]

VQCM update on CVE-2021-44228: analysis results and mitigation script.

Yesterday morning, December 13, 2021, we issued a security advisory regarding a critical severity CVE that impacted an Apache library (Log4j 2) and anything which used this. This includes Elasticsearch (ES). Elasticsearch is a component within VQ Conference Manager. We got to work in-house testing to better understand the issue, its implications and the impact it […]

VQ Security advisory for Log4J2 CVE (CVE-2021-44228)

Over the weekend a critical security issue which impacts Log4j2 (CVE-2021-44228) and all products which use it as a dependency became public. This is a significant and critical level CVE and needs to be treated as such by any company which is even potentially impacted. As the VQCM virtual machine uses Elasticsearch (ES) for logging […]

Introducing VQ Conference Manager 3.8

Here we are about to press the ‘go’ button again on a new VQ Conference Manager release. VQ Conference Manager 3.8 is very personal for me. We finally got to the point where we addressed some of my personal pet peeves. I’m delighted to say I’m really pleased with how it looks. Let’s start with […]

VQ Conference Manager 3.7 Released

VQCM 3.7 is now available to download and we think you’ll like it. Here’s what’s new… Active Speaker indications for Scheduled Meetings People in Lobby indicators Meeting List filters Duplication/Cloning of LDAP Configs, UX Profiles, Space Templates, Email Templates Automatic Gain Control on Space Template Roles System use Terms and Conditions pre-login message Refinements to […]

VQ Conference Manager 3.6 Released

I’m really excited to announce that VQ Conference Manager 3.6.1 is now available for download. VQCM 3.6.1 is a big and exciting release. So, what’s the excitement? Here’s the headliner list: Recurring Meetings can now be scheduled. It’s nice to welcome this functionality back (it’s actually a complete re-write) from the old days of VQ […]

2020 End of Year Update

As 2020 draws to a close, I thought now would be a good time to give you all an end of year update and talk about our plans for 2021. 2020 has undoubtedly been the year of COVID. Thankfully the VQ team have remained safe throughout this difficult time and we’ve all been working from […]

VQ Conference Manager 3.5 Released

VQCM 3.5 incrementally moves things forward again. For a full list of what’s changed, please read the release notes that are available on vqcomms.com. Highlights include: “Search” has been refined to allow the selection of the resource type being searched (User, Space, Call etc) We’ve started the process of separating out Roles in Activity; this […]

VQ is a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner: 3 month update

In early April, I announced we’d reached the stratospheric highs of Cisco selling VQ Conference Manager. A really, really, big day. So, three months later, where are we? It’s been amazing; demand for video is going through the roof and the multiplier effect from Cisco has taken that to even higher levels. We just closed […]

VQ Conference Manager 3.4.2 Released

I’m very pleased to announce that 3.4.2 is now available. It’s a big deal for many reasons; there’s great new functionality in it with, for example, move participant, Reactive Calls/Blast Dial now wrapped in the UI, marking Spaces as ‘favorites’ in Activity, major improvements to ‘search’ and associated removal of some really ugly page transitions […]