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Succeed With CMS and VQ Conference Manager

Overview of VQ What is it VQ does? VQ is enabling enterprise wide conferencing, based on the CMS platform. We wrap the CMS platform with increasing rich layers of functionality that enable customers to deploy conferencing within a wide scale within an organisation and one of the key things is to do that quickly. There […]

VQ is now a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner

This is a big day for VQ and I’m really pleased and excited to announce that VQ Conference Manager can now be purchased through Cisco. Thank you to everybody at Cisco who made it possible and championed VQ. Thank you to our partners and customers for their risk taking and votes of confidence over the years […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Business Update from VQ

VQ has always operated in a distributed manner; we have team members located around the UK and a central office. We’re about 90 minutes west of London with our closest big cities being Bath and Bristol. It’s a great place to live; low density and plenty of green. Following advice from the UK Government, we […]

VQ Conference Manager 3.3

We’ve released 3.3 today and it’s now available for download from vqcomms.com. 3.3’s significant in that it demonstrates the value of some of the decisions we made on the 3.x platform. The adoption of a standards based authentication process based on a best of breed Identity Server which was, in turn, enabled by our decision to move […]

NancyFx and CoreCLR

About three years ago when we were thinking about our long term product roadmap, we recognized that we were using a growing number of open source components, they worked really well and our customers really liked what they enabled (KnockoutJS – subsequently replaced by AngularJS – being the most visible example). We therefore started to recruit people […]

2015; another busy and successful year

We had another amazing year! I know it doesn’t look like we’ve been up to much as we’ve been so hunkered down ‘doing’ that the web-site has been seriously neglected (again). Here’s a summary of some of the things that have been going on: Acano Manager 1.x has been ‘holding the fort’ as we worked […]

News catch-up…..

We haven’t posted any news items for a while and our news section looks distinctly skinny. We had an amazing 2013: We restructured the team which resulted in people leaving; although this was painful at the time, we’re now seeing massive benefits. We moved office; we’re now in much larger, spacier offices with loads of […]