Introducing VQ Conference Manager DMA

Developed through close co-operation with Cisco, VQ DMA provides a migration path to those customers who do not want to or, are unable to migrate to the Webex cloud. DMA has been designed from the outset as the replacement for Cisco TMS.

One Button to Push

One Button to Push makes it simple for users to join a call using a physical in-room Cisco conferencing endpoint.

Directory Services

The first release of VQ Conference Manager DMA enables the creation of hierarchical Address Books/Directories, which are designed to replace the Phone Books feature of Cisco TMS.

Device Configuration

Device Configuration allows you to roll out and support large numbers of conferencing endpoints across your organization.

Device Maintenance

Device Maintenance is all about knowing what is happening to your device fleet, and where required, being able to trouble shoot and onboard new devices.

DMA Analytics

Analytics in DMA enables you to get a broader and deeper insight into the way your overall unified communications system is running.

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