VQ Conference Manager 3.4.2 Released

I’m very pleased to announce that 3.4.2 is now available. It’s a big deal for many reasons; there’s great new functionality in it with, for example, move participant, Reactive Calls/Blast Dial now wrapped in the UI, marking Spaces as ‘favorites’ in Activity, major improvements to ‘search’ and associated removal of some really ugly page transitions that were previously possible (and truly unpleasant from a user’s point of view), ‘play nicely’ improvements for co-existence with TMS – we now pick up the Space name changes as TMS reassigns scheduled calls to Spaces and the iOS app is now available on the Apple App Store.

Behind the scenes, our refined processes and tooling are working really well. We transitioned to a tool called “Clickup” (https://clickup.com/) some time ago and its working really well in terms of release planning, task and workload management. We’re now working on a release cadence of about every 8 weeks; the goal is to release more frequently with fewer changes per release, higher degrees of testing per change and lower overall risk.

Functionality improvements are currently broadly along two vectors: updating Activity for better support of concierge/white glove services – 3.4 adds move participant, upcoming 3.5 splits out Participant Roles and then future versions will deliver on Lobby, Recurring calls, Active Speaker and Pane Placement. We’re also working to complete tasks that have been outstanding for some time; adding a UI for Reactive Calls went into 3.4; 3.5 adds CM-Admin functionality for managing Outlook plug-in version management and improved support for scheduled calls on temporary Spaces – at 3.5, we’ll be able to schedule a call in the future, have its ‘secret’ at schedule time and be able to distribute WebRTC ‘join’ links making it really easy for non IT savvy participants to click on the link and join calls (we’re seeing a big take up on customers wanting to deliver video based services to non-business users). Once the call is complete, the call and Space are automatically deleted with no possibility of being reused.

So, to conclude, 3.4.2 is a big deal and we’re very excited to have released it; 3.5 is coming, looks great and there’s a whole lot more coming after that.

Mike Horsley


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