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Introduction to VQ Conference Manager

In this webinar, the VQ team will be provided an overview of VQ Conference Manager and how it allows you to unleash the full power of Cisco Meeting Server. In the webinar we demonstrated key VQ Conference Manager functionality and how this has solved real-world customer problems. A Q&A was also covered during the session.

Mike Horsley – VQ CEO
Barry Pascolutti – VP of Sales Engineering
Steve Holmes – VP Sales
Katie Burchell – Marketing Manager
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Target Audience

New to VQ

Full Webinar Recording

17th March 2021


02:42 Overview of VQCM
07:22 VQCM roadmap
12:00 Key VQCM takeaways
15:17 VQCM Meeting Management
19:43 Scheduling calls in VQCM
23:43 VQCM Outlook Add-in
26:56 VQCM Jabber extension
28:13 VQCM Analytics
32:56 Q&A

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