VQ Conference Manager 3.7 Released

VQCM 3.7 is now available to download and we think you’ll like it.

Here’s what’s new…

  • Active Speaker indications for Scheduled Meetings
  • People in Lobby indicators
  • Meeting List filters
  • Duplication/Cloning of LDAP Configs, UX Profiles, Space Templates, Email Templates
  • Automatic Gain Control on Space Template Roles
  • System use Terms and Conditions pre-login message
  • Refinements to Elasticsearch data collection for CMS syslogs and Expressway syslogs, call data records and metric data; early adopter program extended
  • Public API early adopter program
  • Ansible CMS provisioning automation early adopter program

The API, Ansible CMS Provisioning and expanded Elasticsearch data collection from CMS/Expressway features are examples of how VQ starts to evolve into becoming a platform for UC solutions; more is coming and we’re very pleased to be making the first steps.

For the details, please see the vqcomms.com customer portal under knowledge base/release notes.

For customers wary of updating to the latest 3.7 release, now’s a good time to consider updating to VQCM 3.6.1. It’s been in the field now for about 3 months and is performing extremely well.

If you would like to be part of one of our early adopter programs, please email support@vqcomms.com

Please contact support@vqcomms.com to arrange installs or upgrades.