VQ Conference Manager 3.2

I’m really pleased to announce that VQ Conference Manager 3.2 is now available for download.

3.2’s an exciting release because of what’s in it and, moving forward, what it enables.

What’s in it? Lots of refinements:

  • The data written into Elastic and been restructured to make it easier to produce visualizations. Goodness like CMS Alarms are now available. We’ve updated all the Visualizations and Dashboards.
  • The Outlook Add-in now caches the login name so users don’t have to repeatedly type it in (passwords are still required in non SSO mode)
  • We’ve added support for Cisco Duo to the list of supported SAML2 providers.
  • The Blast-Dial app now includes an optional “press-1 to join” message when each of the Blast-Dial recipients receives a call.
  • CM-Admin refinements; changed certificates and Outlook Add-whitelists in SAML2 mode (to name but 2).
  • Bug fixes to the Call CoApp. Placing outbound calls from an inactive Space now works consistently.
  • The LDAP Configuration page has been cleaned up and restructured into a page with 3 tabs; much easier to use
  • The Bulk-Emailer contains a second template that includes functionality to auto-configure the iOS app. Very cool.
  • Bug fixes

What it enables:

  • One of the big ‘under the hood’ changes is upgrading Kubernetes to the latest version (1.15). 1.15 includes the Beta High Availability (“HA”) support. Please note that this is not VQCM High Availability at 3.2; it’s the enabler that will (should) enabled HA in the next release of VQCM (3.3; due Q4/2019).
  • With the Elastic data  restructuring just about complete, we also plan to enable syslog ingest in 3.3 (due Q4/2019) which we’re also really excited about. The goal here is that we’ll be able to save syslog data in Elastic and, by doing so, be in a position to include CMS/VCS logging as part of the data contained in visualizations/dashboards.

More information is available in the release notes which are available for download from vqcomms.com. Please ensure you select version 3.2.