VQ Conference Manager 4.3 Release

VQ Conference Manager 4.3 is our final release of 2023 and it looks really good.

The headline new features are new meeting management refinements to the Activity page. The focus is to provide greater control of complex meeting operations and improve the visibility of active and inactive meetings to operators…

  • Filters enable the amount of meetings being displayed to be reduced to those that you want to see.
  • A new “compact” mode has been introduced which allows a single meeting to be viewed. A new “Call Builder” coApp has been introduced which allows multiple meetings to be prepared and pulled together at meeting start.
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana have been updated to version 8.9 which is a full major release and 9 minor releases ahead of what you see in VQ Conference Manager 3.x. The initial impressions of Kibana on 4.3 is “boy, is it quick!”.

And there’s more….

Under the hood, the CM-Admin on 4.3 looks and feels really polished. At the platform level, performance and scaling refinements increase user interface concurrency from 500 to 1500 users.

Check out our YouTube channel to see all of the headline features of 4.3 in action.

On Thursday 11th January we will be hosting a VQ Conference Manager 4.3 Release Webinar – sign up for the session here

If you would like to find out more about VQ Conference Manager 4.3 and what’s coming up in 2024, please contact the VQ team.

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