VQ Conference Manager 3.x End of Life/End of Sale Notification – August 2023

The Operating System that underpins the 3.x series is called “CentOS” and the formal end of support for CentOS has been announced as June 2024 by the Open Source community who maintain it.

We are announcing that 3.12 will be the last major release on the 3.x platform. All further Conference Manager and DMA development will take place on the 4.x platform.

Patch releases of 3.12 (e.g., 3.12.1, 3.12.2) are possible but will only contain critical bug fixes that are fixable.

No new feature work will be performed on 3.12.

We have invested massively in the 4.x platform over the last couple of years and we’re now at the stage where we can release 4.x on a similar cadence to that we achieved with the 3.x series. We expect 4.2 to follow 3.12 within about 4 weeks; 4.2 will contain the same DMA and Conference Manager functionality as 3.12.

We strongly advise customers to start planning to migrate to the 4.x platform sooner than later.

There is a real risk that vulnerabilities are found within the CentOS Operating System and because of the end of support and declining activities of the CentOS community, they are not fixed and are not fixable.

Migrating to 4.x will require a new VM. We provide tooling to export and import the data from 3.x into 4.x (3.12 to 4.1).

Please contact VQ Support who will assist you with your migration.

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