Accelerating delivery of a global Cisco Meeting Server system for 50,000 users

A technology services provider needed a ready-made management platform to accelerate a time-critical Cisco Meeting Server deployment

A large, well-known technology services provider was deploying a video conferencing service for a global, household-name manufacturing business. At its heart was the Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), chosen for its ability to scale and give the manufacturer’s 50,000+ employees access to self-service conferencing. This six-node CMS cluster was replacing a legacy video conferencing platform, which needed to be decommissioned by a set date to avoid recurring support fees.

However, it became apparent that this would be complex and time-consuming, and the deadline to get the CMS platform live was just 16 weeks away. A custom solution was therefore not viable. The technology company needed a faster way of delivering the required capabilities and managing the service, so looked for an off-the-shelf product.

This is why it approached VQ Communications.

Key Information

Working with VQ Communications enables Cisco Meeting Server rollout to begin and keeps the challenging deployment schedules on track.

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