Acano Manager 2.1 Released

We’re really pleased to announce that Acano Manager 2.1 can now be downloaded from the membership area of the VQ portal.

2.1 features:

  • Full set of video layouts
  • Analytics
  • Licensing
  • Major performance improvements
  • Usability refinements – the principal one being that the activity page now displays up to 50 active coSpaces (Spaces) and end users don’t have to search to find their coSpaces before they can see them.

We’ve also made a video which takes you through the VM Installation process (the VM bit can be skipped for users installing on Windows); it takes you through the process of connecting to Call Bridges, setting up LDAP and what to look for if things don’t appear to be working.

We tried to make it useful; it’s not a marketing fluff video – at each of the major steps, we cover possible states, what is going on behind the scene so you have a better understanding of the complete solution.

The website has also had a fairly major refresh with the objective of increasing the information available on the site; we’ll continue to add more content and have hired new members into the team to reduce some of the bottlenecks. Expect to see more ‘how to’ videos.

Also, some great news for our Windows users!

A Windows Installer is available for 2.1 and automates the installation process on Windows; not only does it do all the file copies, it also handles the certificate binding to HTTPS ports.