2022 End of Year Review

2022 has been a big year at VQ and I thought I’d outline some of what’s been happening….

The team has grown quite substantially, we’re now at 40+ people and its always great to see new hires joining and becoming productive members of the team. Product management is now in the capable hands of Jon English and the last 18 months or so of process refinements have resulted in a very well-oiled product development process. This is a big deal as we want to ensure that adding more engineers results in a corresponding increase in output. Marketing has expanded substantially with a large addition of talent from the team at Bamboo.

Our TMS replacement functionality, DMA, is making good progress and about to take its next major step at 3.11. VQCM 3.9 introduced OBTP, VQCM 3.10 introduced TMS Style Hierarchical Phone Books and Directory Services. VQCM 3.11 is due to ship end of January and adds Device Configuration for Cisco CE and RoomOS devices.

Other nice “newness” coming in 3.11 includes CMS Snap-shots and a major lift on recurring meetings with the addition of PINs/passwords per meeting instance. The Outlook plug-in has also had a year-long upgrade cycle to add recurring meeting support, space selection and a range of configuration options to deliver the functionality required by the customer.

We’re seeing strong demand for TMS replacement functionality, our relationship with Cisco is working incredibly well and 2023 looks like it’ll be another exciting year.

To close, from all of the VQ team, I’d like to thank you for being such amazing customers and partners and wish you a great holiday season and new year.