VQ Conference Manager: Your integrated suite of tools for Cisco Meeting Server

Take the remarkable Cisco Meeting Server platform and deliver unified communications to your entire enterprise.

Service deployment

Automate Cisco Meeting Server configuration and administration

From version 3.7, VQ Conference Manager includes Ansible playbooks to automate key CMS configuration and admin tasks (with more coming soon).

Automatic provisioning: Look, no hands

Update users and virtual meeting Spaces as people join and leave. Send new users a branded email, welcoming them to your service and providing all the details they need to get started. All of this happens automatically, using data from your Active Directory or LDAP system. Let the software do the work.

Define how your calls behave in different scenarios

All-hands meeting, chair-and-participants or all participants equal? PINs or no PINs? Do you need waiting lobbies? Will the call continue if the chair leaves, and if so, how long for? When do ‘join’ and ‘leave’ tones get played? VQ Conference Manager enables you to finely tune your service to meet your needs – and we’re adding new capabilities all the time.


Concierge-style conferencing in high security environments

Some calls require extra attention to ensure everything works perfectly. An all-hands company update. A global board meeting. Your AGM. Or a high-importance call between colleagues in a secure setting.

Using VQ Conference Manager, your call operators can schedule these calls, then manage them in real-time. See who’s speaking, or whose barking dog is disrupting the call.

Add or remove participants. Tweak audio and video settings. And monitor critical performance data. VQ Conference Manager keeps your call operators’ fingers on the pulse at all times.

VQ Conference Manager supports state-of-the-art SAML 2.0 authentication (ADFS, Okta, Duo, OneLogin) and with it, two-factor authentication (2FA).

Self-service tools

Give users control with familiar tools including Outlook and Jabber

An ever-growing set of self-service tools empowers users to control their own unified communications experience. VQ Conference Manager’s Outlook Add-in puts conferencing at the heart of workplace productivity, enabling users to send ‘click-to-call’ meeting invites, monitor active calls and participants, and perform actions including mutes or video layout changes. There’s also a Jabber extension, iPhone app and a web portal.


Get under the hood of your system

VQ Conference Manager ships with integrated Elasticsearch and Kibana analytics. Elastic is now a $7bn+ valuation company, with explosive adoption of its industry-leading logging and reporting tool. This puts massive amounts of data at your fingertips to process and analyze. Understand your system’s call usage patterns, trends, top users, call data records and call quality records.

These insights help your teams host large services with high degrees of automation, low call-error rates and low customer-support costs.


Integrate with existing enterprise tooling and workflows

VQ Conference Manager’s API, new in version 3.7, enables you to integrate your CMS-based unified communication service with existing enterprise tools and ways of working.

Access the full functionality of VQ Conference Manager, using best-of-breed, modern API technology.

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*Roadmap by end 2021