VQ Conference Manager Device Management and Automation (DMA) and Approved Product List (APL) Update – June 2022

DMA or, giving it its full name, VQ Conference Manager DMA will be introduced in VQ Conference Manager 3.10. The great news is that 3.10 is heading towards completion with a release date of late July. In case you are wondering, DMA is an abbreviation for Device Management and Automation.

Device Management and Automation (DMA)

3.10 contains TMS style Directory Services and Address books. The VQ team continues to grow and our ability to attract incredible people never ceases to amaze me; over the last 18 months or so, we’ve added experts in designing and deploying video/UC services at a massive scale. That expertise includes what worked, what didn’t and what was missing from TMS. That expertise and experience has been central to the design of DMA and the requirement for tooling to help customers migrate their data from TMS.

In 3.10, we’re releasing the first version of DMA. We think it looks pretty good; it contains features we think you’ll really like and it’ll make your life easier.
With Directory Services released in 3.10, we move on to Device Configuration which will appear in 3.11 in a few months’ time.

VQ Conference Manager 4.0

JITC approved and FIPS compliant

For our customers in Defence and Government, we’re now in the final stages of JITC approval testing of VQ Conference Manager 4.0. At the time of producing this video, we’re literally days away from testing completing and US Department of Defence Information Network Approved Product List status being granted mid-to-late June. Our fingers (and everything else) are crossed and we hope no last minute issues are detected.
Conference Manager 4 is a big deal. Its unique in that it’s the only CMS management solution that’s on the DOD APL list; its FIPS compliant. Very cool stuff like HA and native Cloud are designed in and are now just over the horizon. All the VQ goodness from 3.9 are in 4.0 and 4.1 will contain DMA.

What’s next

Moving beyond DMA and APL, the next wave of VQ funk is lining up. Next generation end-user UIs, WebRTC solutions, MS Teams integration and secure participants are well down the development pipeline and heading your way.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of the product or our roadmap, please mail me via mike@vqcomms.com and we can setup a meeting.

Thanks again for being such great customers.


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