VQ Conference Manager Device Configuration

Roll out and support large numbers of conferencing endpoints across your organization

Install and update large unified communications device estates with ease

Give your administrators and technicians powerful tools to set up and manage large estates of unified communications devices.

Define detailed Device Configuration Templates and apply them to your new and existing endpoints.

Discover more about Device Configuration

Settings modules streamline Device Configuration

Our device settings modules enable you to share and update groups of settings across different templates. This makes it faster to create and amend templates, and reduces risk of human error.

For example, you may wish to apply the same audio and video settings to all devices in a building, but require different security settings for devices in restricted zones. Your administrators would create two templates, with the same audio and video modules, but different security modules.

When you need to change a setting in multiple templates, altering it in the relevant module updates it everywhere that module is used. This means your administrators don’t need to manually update multiple templates when a change is required.

Automate Device Configuration tasks

Administrators can automate key Device Configuration tasks. These include the (scheduled) deployment of templates to devices, as well as periodic checks to ensure device configurations are up-to-date, and application of the correct settings if not.

Blog Post: What is Device Configuration?

Continue using TMS Device Configuration Templates

If you’re using Cisco TMS, you can import your existing Device Configuration Templates and continue to use these within VQ Conference Manager.

There’s more in the roadmap…

We’ll be adding richer functionality to our Device Configuration capabilities in future releases. These will increase ease of use, to de-skill and de-risk the process of setting up unified communication devices.

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