Cisco TMS End of Sale and End of Life Announcement

Cisco’s TMS product page has been updated to announce that the End of Sale and End of Life process has started for TMS.

For a six-month period, it will still be possible to order TMS subscriptions. After that time, you will not be able to order TMS, but customers can continue to use existing TMS deployments with valid support contracts.

As part of the End of Sale announcement, the migration detail section encourages customers who cannot migrate to Webex cloud services to consider VQ Conference Manager.

We are delighted that Cisco are recommending VQ Conference Manager and DMA in this manner.

DMA is another example where we listened to what our customers were asking for. We are delighted that we’ve been able to work closely on it with Cisco’s support. The initial indicators are that customers really like the results. We look forward to working with new customers who choose to migrate onto the VQ platform.”
Mike Horsley – CEO VQ Communications

What is VQ Conference Manager DMA?

DMA is built on the robust and secure VQ Conference Manager platform and provides vital functionality for Cisco video endpoint management. DMA is deployed ‘on premise’ as part of a Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco videoconferencing devices eco-system.

What functionality is in DMA?

The goal of DMA was to extend VQ Conference Manager so that DMA plus Conference Manager’s existing functionality gave customers the functional equivalent of TMS and, in doing so, provide a transition path for TMS customers requiring a modern, secure, scalable on-premises solution designed to enable the delivery of modern video/unified communications services.

Under DMA, we group OBTP, Directory Services, Device Configuration and Device Maintenance.

DMA leverages the core benefits of the VQ Conference Manager platform – US Defence Department Approved Product List status (from 4.2) and Kibana based Reporting and Analytics.

One Button to PushSchedule meetings using VQ’s scheduler using either:
– The VQ user interface
– Outlook Plug-in
– Custom applications based on VQ’s API
Directory ServicesTMS compatible, hierarchical, phone books
– Contemporary “labels” introduce powerful, flexible, mechanisms to define and quickly filter devices into groups
Device ConfigurationFleet management functionality for Cisco CE and RoomOS devices
– Define configuration template device groups to ensure the right set of devices are configured with the right device configuration templates
– Configuration Modules allow the “componentization” of templates, massive reduction of duplicated templates and reduced risk of errors
Device Maintenance– Device status and activity monitoring
– Device health checks
– Device onboarding
– Trouble shooting (interactivity changing settings)
– Security configuration management (certificates)
Analytics– Monitor device state (inline/offline, in-call, device alarm conditions etc) with powerful, modern, Kibana based dashboards, including mapping, to drill down into what has happened and localize issues

How do I migrate from Cisco TMS to DMA?

Our migration path and support will guide you through the process ensuring you have a smooth migration from TMS.

We expect customers will want to migrate services in a controlled manner over several phases. We are not expecting customers to migrate away from TMS in a single, high pressure and risky, “big bang” step.

DMA was developed to enable this; with tools to aid migration from TMS available now and CUCM integration in an upcoming release.  We expect VQ and TMS to operate in a side-by-side mode during the migration process.

Interested in finding out more?

Our resources area is full of useful information about DMA. Including…

DMA overview

DMA and TMS comparison

DMA Features overview videos

Learn more about DMA video series

If you’ve got any questions and would like to speak with with the team, contact us:

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