Welcome to the VQ Blog

I thought it would be a good idea to use this first blog to reflect on where we are now and where we started out. In terms of the ‘where are we now’: we have a growing list of customers doing a staggering number of calls – it was only recently that we added them all up – we have several customers making over one million call minutes per month (approx. 16,000 hours) and if we take current call volumes, existing customer call growth and new customers that will go to production status this year, we’ll be doing over 75 million minutes a year.

As with a lot of new ventures, this one started in a spare bedroom. The basic assumptions were that processors would continue to follow Moore’s Law and that IP bandwidth would follow the same sort of curve; massive compute would lead to great video, and ubiquitous bandwidth would allow that video content to be moved around.

The goal was that we’d make video conferencing simple. Looking back, the naivety of that basic objective is striking; anyway, that’s where we started. ‘Making it easy’ morphed into ‘managing the complexity’; we started winning business with the server software and we steadily attracted more customers – we’ve now reached 75 million minutes call volume!

When we started we had to rent desk space to get broadband (this was still in the early days and it hadn’t reached our village at that time). Now every time I get the updated call stats from our larger customers, the contrast between the early days of limited connectivity and what our customers are doing now always strikes me.

We hope that with this blog, we can share with you some of the fascinating things happening in our field as video conferencing transitions into a mainstream business tool.