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Visiting customer site in Geneva

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a brand-new customer we’d recently won in Geneva. The request from them was some on-site assistance and consultancy with installation and configuration of VQ Conference Manager. These kinds of professional services are not something we do a lot of; we simply can’t scale to provide […]

VQ and Small Deployments

In the third of this blog series Barry Pascolutti shares his thoughts and experiences on why VQ Conference Manager is as relevant in a smaller deployment as well as in larger deployments. Are there any differences between large and small deployments? In terms of feature sets, no. A user’s experience should be exactly the same […]

My 9 Month VQ Update

In the next of our series of blogs from Barry Pascolutti (Lead Sales Engineer) we interviewed him on how he’s found his first 9 months here at VQ Communications. This is what he has to say…………. What have you found most exciting working at VQ in your first 9 months? Well ultimately I’m a sales […]

Self-Service and why it matters

I get asked time and time again why self-service is important when choosing a video conference service. This blog gives my thoughts and why it’s great news that VQ Conference Manager makes self-service possible. If you want to deliver a video conferencing service to your users and staff, from small to the very large deployments […]

My Week in the USA

In what is becoming a regular travel update, I wanted to tell you about my latest trip: this time to the USA. On paper, the schedule looked gruelling: New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Orlando all in a week. But I actually got plenty out of the trip both personally and professionally. Between customer visits […]

My 3 Month VQ Update

So, I’ve been at VQ for well over 3 months now and I thought I’d give you another update from me. I hadn’t appreciated when I started, what a truly international business VQ Communications is. Giles spoke about his US trip in his April blog and my passport is seeing quite a bit of use, too. […]

My First Month at VQ

Hi, I’m Barry Pascolutti and I’m the latest addition to the VQ team as their Lead Sales Engineer. I write this at the start of my 6th week since joining VQ Communications Ltd and what a month or so it has been. I was a Collaboration SE at Cisco at the time of their acquisition […]